"Magnitúdó Astronomical Society of Debrecen"
- A Brief Introduction -

The Society was founded in 1999 from the members of the "Magnitúdó" amateur astronomers' group which has almost three decades history. Our main aim is to enhance the practical and theoretical skills and knowledge of our members and in the same time educate the wider public popularising the astronomy through lectures and star parties.

Regular programs:
- weekly club events with lectures on specific topics and the most recent findings in astronomy
- stargazing events and observation sessions for our members and for the public
- individual lectures and lecture series for schools and other interest groups
- excursions visiting other astronomical groups and observatories throughout Hungary and abroad

- occultations
- solar and lunar eclipses
- transits
- variable stars
- the moon and planets
- double and multiple stars
- deep space
- astrophotography

We cooperate with other astronomical organizations like the Hungarian Astronomical Society. We send our findings to the AAVSO and ILOC.
Our present goal is to re-establish the Debrecen public observatory (replacing the previously closed one), where we can provide an astronomical education program at higher levels and on a regular basis.
Our work facilitates contact with various parties interested in astronomy, providing them the experience of exploring the night sky.
Our society's activities are based on the voluntary work of our members.